Vehicles Vahan Puja




Vehicle Puja or Vahan Puja is a common Hindu tradition. In Hindu culture we tend to worship or bless each new tool or instrument before we begin exploitation it. It could be something from a television to vehicles. Essentially, in this Puja, a new car is blessed so it comes in harmony to a home and to stop it from future mishaps. It is also called Vahana Puja. We do all Vahans Puja like –
  • Car Puja
  • Bike Puja
  • Bus Puja and all.

Importance and Significance of Vehicle | Vahan  Puja:

According to the Hindu belief, a Vehicle Puja is vital for a range of intention.
  • It is a method to cleanse the Vehicle and defend it against mishaps
  • To show gratitude to the Lord

Benefits of Vehicle | Vahan Puja

  • It safeguards the driver against accidents