An engagement is a promise to marry. It is also called a betrothal. The occasion for formalizing an engagement and asserting the same to the society is known as an Engagement Ceremony. It is a fun-filled pre-wedding ritual. The period from the engagement to the marriage is known as wooing and also the to-be husband and wife are mentioned as betrothed, fiancé-fiancée, or engaged to be married. It is one among the foremost beautiful periods in a couple’s life as they meet one another to urge to grasp each other higher. It is a formally permitted amount of dating in an organized wedding.


Importance and Significance of Engagement Puja

The bride and the groom are chosen by each other and their families by numerous strategies like common acquaintances or marital status platforms. Horoscopes are matched to check compatibility. The families along with the couple conform to announce it to the whole world through a celebration. The Engagement Puja is organized thus that all the Gods and Goddesses bless the couple for the foremost significant  occasion of their life and as well for their happy life along after that. It is also called Ring Ceremony as a result of the couple exchanges rings. Other names for engagement puja embody sagai, roka, chunni, Nishchitartham, mangni, kurmai etc.


Benefits of Engagement / Sagai Puja

  • Any Puja is done to boost the harmony, peace and happiness in our lives; so does an engagement puja.
  • Many versions of the engagement puja as well embrace the Graha Shanti Havan, it safeguards not only the couple however as well each the families.
  • The engagement puja is a predecessor to the Vivah Puja and is finished to bring a deeper and loving understanding between the couple and as well their families.
  • Because it is connected to horoscope, this Puja understands the placement and movement of varied planets and their effects on the couple and their marriage.