Vaastu Shanti ( 5 Day)




Vastu shastra (vāstu śāstra) is a ancient Hindu system of design, which accurately interprets to “science of architecture.” These are texts found on the Indian landmass that describe principles of architecture, layout, measurements, ground preparation, area arrangement and spatial  maths (geometry). Vastu Shastras incorporate ancient Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs. The styles are supposed to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of assorted elements of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry and directional alignments.

A home is nothing however a brick wall and mortar domicile till we, who sleep in it instill life and build it a Home. it’s so a really special place as we tend to spend most our time here. we tend to do everything to bring and sustain the peace and prosperity in our home – from making nice ambiences to acting the afraid Vastu Shanti Puja.

The five elements as per Hindu Vedic Shastra are

1. Prithvi (Earth)     2. Agni (Fire)    3. Jal (Water)   4. Akash (Sky) and   5. Vaayu (Air).


Significance of Vastu Shanti Puja

Vastu Shastra is believed to be backed by astronomical science. A home or a building structure designed as per vastu compliance is alleged to be blessed by Vastu Purush. Vastu Shanti Puja is believed to get rid of the ill-effects of Vastu Doshas of a specific plot, building or house. due to area constraints, several structures and houses in-built urban areas aren’t in compliance with vastu. Majority of the days, creating structural changes in accordance with vastu is not possible. In such cases, Vastu Shanti Puja becomes very crucial to appease the Lord and god of the House.


Benifits of Vastu Shanti Puja

  • Your house is your holy place. Vastu Shanti Puja sanctifies all the nooks and corners of the premises.
  • It Helps accomplish positive vibrations and gives mental peace and stability.
  • Vastu Shanti Puja is additionally well-known to possess a positive impact on the wealth of the family/company occupying the premises.
  • It Has a major positive impact on the health of all the occupants.
  • It  Helps maintain healthy relationships inside the unit.
  • It  Eliminates the sick effects of unhealthy directions or curses.


Vastu Shanti Puja Samagri (पूजन सामग्री)

  1. Kanku (कन्कु)
  2. Haldi (हल्दी)
  3. abeer (अबीर)
  4. Gulal (गुलाल)
  5. Sindoor (सिन्दूर)
  6. Ashtgandh (अष्टगंध)
  7. Pachrangi Nada (पचरंगी नाड़ा)
  8. Yagyopaveet (यज्ञोपवीत)-11
  9. Coconut (नारियल)-8
  10. Lal Kapda (लाल कपडा)-2m
  11. White Kapda (सफेद कपडा)-3m
  12. Yellow Kapda (पीला कपडा)-1m
  13. Green Kapda (हरा कपडा)-1m
  14. Wheat (गेहूँ)-2kg
  15. Rice (चावल)-4kg
  16. Khada Moong (खड़ा मूंग)-1kg
  17. Khada Urad(खड़ा उड़द)-1.5kg
  18. Masud Dal (मसूद दाल)
  19. Chana Dal (चना दाल)
  20. Mangrol Supari (मगरोल सुपारी)
  21. Kharak (खारक)-200g
  22. Almond (बादाम)-50g
  23. Cashew (काजू)-50g
  24. Charola (चारोला)-10g
  25. Daakh (दाख)-10g
  26. Fox Nut (मखाना)-100g
  27. clove (लौंग)-10g
  28. Elaichi (इलाइची)-10g
  29. Ghee (घी)-1kg
  30. Sugar (शक़्क़र)-1kg
  31. Perfume (इत्र)
  32. Honey (शहद)
  33. Cooking oil (मीठातेल)-500g
  34. Cotton wool (रूई)
  35. Matchbox (माचिस)
  36. Nagfani Keel (नागफनी कील)
  37. Nagnagin Joda(नागनागिन जोड़ा)
  38. Raw Yarn (कच्चा सूत)-200g
  39. Kapoor (कपूर)-50g
  40. Agarbatti (अगरबत्ती)
  41. Dhoopbatti (धूपबत्ती)
  42. Dhoti-Kurta (धोती-कुर्ता)-1p
  43. महिला श्रृंगार सामग्री (कुलदेवी)
  44. Barley (जौ)
  45. Sesame (तिल)
  46. Gugal (गुगल)
  47. Kamalgatta (कमलगट्टा)
  48. Havan Dhup (हवन धूप)-500g

अन्य सामग्री

  1. Milk (दूध)-200ml
  2. Curd (दही)-200g
  3. Fruit (फल)-5
  4. Betel (पान)-21
  5. Sweet (मिठाई)-500g
  6. Mango Leaf (आम पत्ता)
  7. Gaumutra (गौमूत्र)
  8. Gangajal (गंगाजल)
  9. Durwa (दूर्वा)
  10. Saptmattica (सप्तमत्तिका)
  11. Navagrah Lakdi (नवग्रह लकड़ी)
  12. Mango wood (आम की लकड़ी)-4kg
  13. Copper urn (ताम्र कलश)-7
  14. Clay urn (मिटटी कलश)
  15. Clay lamp (मिटटी दीपक)
  16. Brass Tapeli (पीतल तपेली)
  17. Sukha Gola (सुखा गोला)

घर सामग्री

  1. Beachhead (चौकी)-2
  2. Aasana (आसन)
  3. Plate (थाली)-5
  4. lotah (लोटा)
  5. Bowl (कटोरी)-5
  6. Spoon (चम्मच)-3
  7. Daune (दोने)-21
  8. leaf plate (पत्तल)-5