Mata Ka Jagran




Mata Ka Jāgran  (जागरण) or  jagrata (जगराता ) or jaag says abiut Hindu ritual, consisting of all-night vigil, songs and dance in honour of a divinity and puja. Often, jagran is performed in honour of varied Hindu goddesses (Devi), Shiva also as numerous folks deities like Khandoba and Devnarayan. Devotees worship the god throughout night by singing bhajans, reciting aarti and paying attention to legends of the divinity.

JAGRAN is a wish (mannat) . Folks makes a wish or need for the completion of a work or to get a thing in front of Mataji. If their wish is consummated they organize the Mata ka Jagrata at their place and complete their wish.


Benefits of Organizing Mata Ka Jagran

  • Jagran or Jagrata bring the community together and convey harmony to its participants.
  • Devotees gets the blessings of all deities.
  • It crate a religious environment in society and brings every member of society together.