Spiritual Significance of Sri krishna’s RAAS LEELA

Raas Leela is the most lovely part of Srimad Bhagvatam and it’s considered as the fruit of Krishna devotion (bhakti). This leela is regarding the union of a pure being with the purushottam . once the jeev (being) transcends the boundary of gender of the mortal body and immerses all the senses in transcendental love for the LORD , it culminates within the union of jeev with the PURAN BRAHM. once all the desires of the jeev soften away in the fire of devotion LOVE) , Gopi bhaav arouses and life gets eliminate all the impurities and also the true knowledge extinguishes content within. this is often the first step towards RAAS LEELA.

Raas leela may be a divine play devoid of carnal wishes. Gopis don’t seem to be usual girls alone. they’re pure jeevas ( male n female ) irrespective of sex. Such pure souls solely hear the sound of lord krishna’s flute. everybody can’t participate during this divine play.

In srimad bhagvatam, shuk dev ji clearly says that raas isn’t for emulating , it’s just for pondering. in reality raas could be a call from the lord to every one of us. In bhagvatam, gopis come rushing to meet kanhaiya the moment they hear melodious sound of his flute going all worldly activities to meet their divine love. They even become oblivious of their physical existence as brooding about the body or physical self will increase attachment for the planet n becomes a hindrance within the union. The lord desires United States of America to reorient our focus inside and see the seventh heaven. once the self meditates on the raas leela , devotion (love) for the lotus feet of the lord makes him restless n tears of separation roll down his eyes compelling the lord to appear immediately. and therefore the union between the two takes place.

Hence raas leela signifies the unification of the individual soul with the over soul. Lord Krishna resides because the soul in every one of us. The lord is our real mother , father, friend ,guide and raas has been enacted to alter all jeevas to conquer lust n become pure.