Shani dosh Nivaran Puja




Shani, another name called Saturn, is one among the foremost awful planets in Hindu astrology. it’s best-known to place folks through a rough patch in their life. though negative, it’s as well better-known to bring justice within the world. A period once Saturn, due to its planetary position results in dangerous luck for an individual, it’s referred to as Shani Dosha. Therefore, a Shani Dosh Nivaran Puja is undertaken to urge eliminate the dangerous effects of this planet.


Significance of Shani Dosh Nivaran Puja

Shani Dev is known both for showering blessings also as delivery tough hurdles in an individual’s life. This Puja helps in gaining the advantages and ridding oneself of the evil effects. The obstacles might come in the shape of confusion in relationships; hurdles in career, health and academic issues, etc. once a person is going through a foul phase in life, Shani Dosha Nivaran Puja may convince be extraordinarily useful. basically, if Lord Shani is happy, then he will facilitate dis-embarrass you of the doshas that were infecting your life.


Benefits of Shani Dosh Nivaran Puja

Many times folks go from being high the ladder of success then fall so low that it’s tough to grasp the character of this doing. And typically even though a person possesses all the luxuries, they only cannot appear to search out solace anyplace. The uneasy nature of life might be as a result of numerous things; generally it might be dead ancestors who aren’t happy with you. At such a time, Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja is performed to stay them happy and keep obstacles trapped. On the opposite hand, if the Saturn planets inclination in one’s horoscope is inflicting issues there’s a Shani Dosh Nivaran upay for it – a Shani Dosh Nivaran Puja. There are several advantages of acting the Shani Dosh Nivaran Puja.

  • It removes hurdles that are returning in the method of your success
  • It brings during a sense of steadiness in your life; both personal and skilled
  • Shields you against more losses, it might be emotionally also as materially
  • Minimizes future dangerous effects