Sat Chandi Paath Puja Yagya




Sat Chandi Havan is performed to get the blessings of divine mother. Generally this puja is conducted on full moon day, so that the highly power of moon rays will enter in your body. You will feel unexpected positive changes in your life after acting Shat Chandi Yagya Havan. It is the blend of holy mantras which are imported from Saptashati Puran


Importance and Significance of Sat Chandi Paath Puja Yagya

The Sat Chandi Path with samputit path is the worship of deity as mother and samputit enhances the propitiousness of the chandi path and eradicate entire issues of life. It is carrying out to enamour the attention of goddess Durga, the ultimate drift of energy during this world and ask for her facilitate and blessings in life. The yagya with samputit path is one of the forms of devotion (bhakti) and performed with admiration and modesty to please the goddess.


Benefits of Sat Chandi Paath | Puja | Yagya

There are several benefits of acting the Shat Chandi Yagna, which as well depends on the range of times the mantras are musical.

  • It is chanted thrice to get obviate harmful effects of witchcraft
  • Chanting the Shat Chandi Paath 5 times can facilitate remove obstacles caused by Doshas
  • Chanting it twelve times is believed to fulfil desires
  • Chanting it a hundred times will facilitate remove sufferings
  • It helps in gaining prosperity and wealth
  • It protects against bodily harm
  • It makes a person stronger and fewer fearful
  • It rids a person of monetary debts