Lord Krishna Puja




Gopal, Vasudev Nandan, NandKishore, there are several names Lord Krishna is known  by. There are several tales of his heroic childhood, mischievous escapades, love, friendship and even as a mentor. This most iconic god, who is the eighth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, is lovingly revered by one and all. It is believed that Krishna, who showed the truth of life to Arjuna, can as well show us the answers and set us on the way of enlightenment. People provide Krishna puja on his birthday – Janmashtami, with great love and zeal.


Importance and Significance of Krishna Puja

Lord Krishna was born on a dark fortnight of Hindu month Bhadrapad, which is known  as Krishna Janmashtami. Janmashtami literally means that birth on eighth day. The day is considered as terribly pious and Krishna-Janam is celebrated with all the passion and devotion via Krishna Puja. Mid-night Maha-Pujas and Yagnas are conducted in Krishna temples where Krishna is adored in the ‘Bal-Gopal’ avatar. People in native communities gather to perform bhajans and kirtan with nice enthusiasm followed by Jagraan to celebrate their beloved God’s arrival. The Krishna Puja is of great significance to Hindus as it is believed to bring prosperity, peace, happiness to one’s life and help take away all doshas and evil from encompassing.


Benefits of Lord Krishna Puja

Krishna is adored for bringing happiness to one’s life and to attain enlightenment and moksha. People as well undertake Krishna Janmashtami Puja for different advantages like:

  • For attaining peace, harmony and happiness in life and better relationship with folks around.
  • For a happy, stable and long marital life.
  • To remove negative inflictions of planet Ketu within the horoscope.
  • To get obviate evil, negative energies and enemies.
  • Remove Nisantaan dosh in birth charts to bear kids.
  • Get rid of maleficent effects of ill-inflicted fifth house in birth chart.
  • For attaining spiritual development and enlightening.
  • To rid souls of trails from cycle of re-births.