“Sawan Shivratri 2021 – On the Shivratri, Auspicious day to perform Lord Shiva Puja”

Rudra abhishek homam, online shivratri puja

It is believed that Lord Shiva heard the call of his devotees very soon. Therefore their devotees also get more than other gods and goddesses. The day of Lord Bholenath is considered Monday and the best month of his worship is Savan. However, every month, the monthly Shivratri of Chaturdashi is also received every month, but the Shivaratri coming in the month of Savan is considered to be as fruitful as Maha-Shivaratri coming in the month of Phalgun.

Importance of Sawan Shivratri

All devotees are especially awaiting the month of the month of Falgun. In fact, the glory of the Shivaratri festival on the holy Monday of Savan and in it is different. The significance of this Shivratri also increases because, in it, it is considered to be very virtuous to perform the Jal-Abhishek of Lord Shiva. Bam Bhole, Har-Har Mahadev’s slogan is seen in the entire month of Savan. On the day of Shivratri, Haridwar comes for Jalabhishek, Kaunward from Gaumukh. It is believed that on the day of Shravan, on the day of Shivratri, the devotees who worship Lord Shiva with a true heart, their sufferings are solved and the prayers are fulfilled.

On the Sawan Shivaratri, It is good to perform Lord Rudra Abhishek Puja

Baba Bholenath Shivshankar is doing away with the distress of his devotees, but during the month of Savan, his special grace throws up. On this day, due to Rudraabhishek, the devotees of all the sins of the devotees make a mistake.

To get rid of Kalsarpa defect, go to Shiva temple in Jatak Brahma Muhurt and worship God Bholenath and chant 108 times Shiva Mantra by offering Datura. Also, the pair of silver serpent-Nagin will also be raised on Shivling, Bhole Baba will free you from the blame. If the person wants to get rid of physical suffering, then chanting this Mahamrityunjaya mantra is also beneficial. With the help of Panchamukhi Rudraksha, chanting Lord Shiva’s mantra, Om Namo: After chanting the other, all kinds of tribulations are calmed.

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