Baradevi Mandir where 500-year old ritual of human blood providing exists!

Today I will want to tell about Bara Temple where 3 drops of blood are transfused each day.

Yes, its the true story. Not until drops of blood until it climbs worship in this temple is considered incomplete.This temple is found on the national route, that connects Lucknow and Kanpur together rest of the cities of the state. This route is well maintained each year.

Talk about quaint temple rituals, and Indian shrines wouldn’t disappoint you.

You may have listened regarding devotees providing alcohol, animals, hair, at many places of worship across India. But, this Indian temple is quite completely different, as solely human blood is appropriate here! according to its 500-year-old traditions, within the Baradevi temple in Cooch Behar, devotees still provide human blood to please their deity.

Offering human blood

Without fail each Ashtami night, the puja is performed behind the closed doors were the tradition of human blood giving is dutifully completed by the 52-year-old Shibendra Nath Ray. it’s believed that while not the human blood, the puja is rarely considered complete. Guess WHO closely guards the temple door during this sacred ritual? No… not the temple or King’s guard, however 2 constables of the state armed police keep a close vigil throughout.

Abolishing of practice

Ever since its installation the ancestors of Shibendra Nath Ray, had been providing human sacrifices. it was some way around 250 years back, when, then Duar Bakshi, Rati Deb Bakshi ,advised, then King, maharaja Naranarayan, to get rid of this practice.

Durga Puja Ashtami

Putting an finish to the present homicide practice, a symbolic ritual came in to custom where Shibendra Nath Ray’s ancestors started offering 3-drops of blood to the rice-grain idol on the night of each Ashtami. the current Duar Bakshi, 82-year-old Amiya Deb Bakshi (descendent of Rati Deb Bakshi) makes certain that this spiritual practice within the temple is performed punctually.

Will this heritage die its natural death?

This practice, that comes into existence each Durga Puja, attracts thousands of devotees nationwide, who throng the premises to hunt sacred blessing during this era. Amiya Deb Bakshi has a girl, who cannot take forward this heritage, and with Shibendra Nath Ray being single, it’s currently in blur though as to who can continue this sacred ritual. talking to TOI, Bakshi says, “Perhaps one of my nephews can step forward. The Debattor Trust must approve it. The Baradevi Puja cannot stop. it’s for the nice of people of Cooch Behar.”