Rudra Puja




You must have listened of names like Pushkar, Shambhu, Maheshwar, Neelkanth, Tryambakeshwar, Kaal Bhairav, Nataraja, Pashupatinath, and Bhubaneshwar. All of them are few of the several names of Lord Shiva. He is also given the name of ‘Rudra’, which happens to be his fiercest avatar. Worshipping this fierce avatar is believed to have several advantages in one’s life. One such method of worshiping is known  because the ‘Rudra Puja’


Importance and Significance of Rudra Puja

Lord Shiva is Mahadev, which virtually interprets to ‘The Greatest God’. In the Tridev he’s known to be the destroyer; destroyer of evil and negativity. The Laghu Rudra Puja involves the chanting of the Shree Rudram, which is thought to be the oldest listing of all the names of Lord Shiva. By chanting these numerous names, the devotee gets numerous advantages in all areas of life. If one is going through a particular problem, the Laghu Rudra Puja is a smart answer to that.


Benefits of  Rudra Puja

Lord Shiva is the epitome of grace, love, health, power and happiness. Primarily, Rudra Puja is known to satisfy varied worldly wishes and as well offer inner peace and strength. He is the source of the birth of the 9 Celestial Planets, the owner of the key to Kuber’s wealth and one half of the foremost blessed couples within the Universe.

  • Chanting the Shree Rudram helps invoke Shiva’s blessings.
  • If one is unwell, he/she is blessed with healthiness.
  • If one is single he/she is blessed with an appropriate partner.
  • If one is having financial problems, Lord Shiva helps them to get obviate it.
  • This Puja is very helpful if one desires to urge obviate the unfavorable effects of the Moon or The 9 Planets.
  • If one wishes to, then he or she can do it merely for the sake of overall growth and religious upliftment. The Laghu Rudra Puja helps the devotees a probability to clean away their negative fate and gain protection from the varied positive sources within the Universe.