Online Puja and Prayer : Another way to talk to God


Why should We pray : Importance Of Online Puja and Prayer

Prayer or puja is simply  having a conversation with God. There are many various thoughts on what you should and shouldn’t say once you pray. there’s benefit to several of these concepts. however try and build your prayer life a simple conversation with your God. MyPanditG‘s pandits assist you to have a great prayer and Online Puja experience.

Our Pandit’s giving you some basic tips to have a better prayer experience…

Try to have a separate place to Pray or Puja

You may have a quiet space in your house that you simply will use to pray, otherwise you might find solace in your car within the parking lot at work. where you pray, try and be consistent. It actually doesn’t matter to God if you lock yourself in a bathroom or a broom closet, however it’ll assist you to focus on your prayer time after you have a consistent time and place to pray.

Make it a Priority

If you have accessible time, great. but for most of you, finding time to pray can mean that you just ought to sacrifice something else that you are now doing instead. most likely you’re enjoying that other thing (TV, sleep, business, friends, kids, reading, etc.) otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. Prayer should be moved  up the list of daily priorities thus it’s high enough to bump off something else that has as yet been considered additional urgent and necessary.

Start with Small

Any new relationship with another person starts out with small chat. it’s the same with prayer. Even a meeting of old friends who haven’t seen one another for a long time starts with small talk. Take time to induce aware of God.

Be yourself

So many folks assume that holiness is undoable however the truth is that we were created to be in communion with God, and He desires to be in a very relationship with us. He created you along with your own gifts and passions, and desires to shine through you unambiguously in them. return to him as you’re and let Him transform you into the saint He desires you to be!

Make a Prayer List

Create a list that you carry with you or in your prayer journal wherever you’ll be able to note specific prayer requests that folks mention. once somebody asks you to pray for them, write it down. Don’t trust your memory. you’ll be able to divide your list into numerous types of requests, or create lists that you just can pray through on various days of the week. perhaps you’ll plan to praying for government leaders 3 days a week however wish to pray for your family each day.

Time to pray ? Morning or Night !

Most people plan to pray at the end of the day. this is often good, however typically by then i am not only physically tired, however i am emotionally drained too. often it will appear that you just haven’t got the religious energy and power to initiate a conversation with anyone, let alone God. morning prayer is important for beginning your day therefore do not neglect it. If you have to, even rise up just ten or 15 min earlier. morning prayer extremely helps prepare you for events and circumstances that lie ahead. think over the coming day as you pray.

Pray with Some other People

This is hard. It takes a commitment and it needs us to become vulnerable. It means we square measure opening up our terribly personal thoughts and desires in prayer to somebody else. However, the rewards are far, far larger than the worth. As 2 individuals every draw closer to God in prayer, they’re at the same time growing nearer to every other. As they every move closer to God, then they have in fact moved  closer to every other too.

Have Patience

If you pray for something once or twice and it does not come back true, what should you think? should you conclude that God doesn’t exist? should you decide that prayer does not work? perhaps the solution appears obvious, that you just did not pray long enough or provides it enough time. however some time we’ve met people who came to those conclusions once trying prayer for many times. These sort of people are extremely looking for miracles. Prayer shouldn’t be like shopping for a lottery ticket and leaving it all up to God to create you the winner.